CIHI report on obesity in Canada: good data but wrong messages

CIHI report on obesity in Canada: good data but wrong messages

While I like the report for detailing the complexity of obesity determinants and describing the 3 categories of interventions for prevention and treatment with successfull examples of strategies, I found the press release communication strategy a pity.

The press communique insisted mainly on already well known prevalence of obesity instead of the much more interesting determinants and proposed solutions.  It also stated on this wrong supposition that putting all the population on 15 more min of physical activity or on more fruits and vegetables would save lives and resorb obesity. Non sense.

This is what happen when statisticians knowing obviously nothing about physiology talk about statistics, because it is meaningless for the audience. This was obvious when CIHI was interviewed before me to a popular radio show on radio-canada. I tried to catch up on more meaningfull messages thereafter.

Among many interesting factors associated to obesity like the effect of family meals, eating breakfast,  or eating in front of television, I noticed that high alcohol consumption is absolutely not related to obesity in man but even protective in women! I always suspected that. Talking about calories, alcohol is not like other calories coming from sugar or fat, because it must be metabolyzed first into the liver before joining again other substrates into the circulation.

I was also pleased that such report supported the importance of physical activiyy as a major (if not the most important) determinant of prevention of weight gain, a position I have been defending over the years.

Obesity Research and Prevention News Review: June 3, 2011

in collaboration with the Canadian Obesity Network  (CON)  and The Research Chair in Obesity from Université Laval
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Previous  edition Obesity Research and Prevention News Review: Vol 9 no 14: May 18, 2011

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