Health Canada has decided that the quantities of salt in foods do not have to be regulated but will be lowered voluntarily and progressively by the food industry over a 6-year period.

Replacing or reducing trans fats and sugar was simple in comparison. Replacing salt will be much more difficult because the products that would replace it are either unsatisfactory or too expensive.

We must be clear about the maximum quantity of salt per portion in, say, a slice of bread or ½ cup of cereal. If Health Canada really wishes to educate the public, then it must recommend and teach people to read the nutritional label and to choose those products that do not surpass a certain level per portion of salt (for example 230 mg of sodium which is just over 10% of the current recommended maximum daily amount) for most food items.

The industry is preoccupied by the economical consequences, not really by the health of consumers. Health Canada is being pressured by the food industry to do nothing and, it seems, is giving in to the pressure. Let’s hope that consumers take up this movement and make some concessions for the sake… of their health instead of their taste!

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