There are special occasions during which energy balance is difficult to manage and consequently makes you gain weight and put you at risk to become overweight or even obese.

You can think to stressful time like a divorce or the death of a close relative.  For other people, the Christmas period is difficult because there are so many occasions to celebrate with an abundant quantity of foods that are considered like special treats this time period of the year allows. 
These situations are associated with a psychological trait called disinhibition. It consists at becoming vulnerable to the temptations provided by the food environment and stress situations.  The person is susceptible to eat foods considerably because it is difficult in these situations to be on control of our emotions and food intake, especially when food is abundant, readily available and appealing.
In my case, I have a problem with food intake control during summer holidays, especially when I travel. This is the time of the year when I give up on structured schedule, discipline and hard work. It’s time to take care of myself  and having good time. And food is really a pleasure I enjoy when traveling. I put my weight management control off,  and let me easily yield to temptations. Most time of the year, I succeed to manage my weight. But not during vacations. I can easily put 3 to 5 pounds of body weight during that short period.
This year, I just can not afford it, because I have already put extra pounds recently.  It would then be unacceptable to put more weight on my body. I just have no what so ever room for manoeuvre this time.
Then how can I manage that? 
I can go to restaurant and order only one plate instead of the “table d’hôte”. You may also have a light lunch by buying a sandwich along with a fresh fruit that you could eat in a park. After a couple of days, you may be missing some foods that are usually part of your diet but not by eating at restaurant all the time. It is the case for vegetables. Plates in restaurant serve often a small portion of veggies. One trick is to rely on a big salad once in a while.
During my trip to Amsterdam this year, I managed to be very active physically by renting a bike, a subject that I blogged previously.   
I also found a convenient fast food restaurant where I could get three portions of vegetables with some meat for only few Euros. It is called “Wok for a walk”. A cup of nice and fresh veggies are cooked stir fried in a wok with one egg and a portion of unprocessed meat (chicken, beef or pork). It is then served on a plate coming with a real fork. You can then enjoy it seated inside or on a terrace outside. You may also want to take it out with you. In this case I chose the item in the menu that would have a double portion of veggies which replace one portion of rice or noodles. Ask the chef to ease up with the sauce that is quite high in salt.
I was also please last year during a trip to Last Vegas when I stopped to Panda Express, coming with a similar wok fast food dishes. For a better healthy choice, go with the complete Wok Smart Meal. 
The alternate choice is called Maoz Vegetarian, a chain of falafel fast food restaurants which opened first in Amsterdam in 1991, serving purely vegetarian fare.  As long as you do not add the French Fries to your menu! 

Any comments about your own experiences when travelling?