Obesity Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando Oct 1-5

Here are the key messages and selected presentations I attended or were reported on tweeter and the newspapers.
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The conference was held at  Marriott World Center, Orlando, FL Oct 1-5.

What’s for kids’ breakfast? Cereal, sodas, candy, yogurt; 20% skipped breakfast;  – read USATODAY.com 
80% adolescents underestimate calories at fast food restaurants: 464 cal while they consume 746 cal!  EthanSimsAward
Boutelle about Appetite Awareness Training: resist 20 min and temptations get down 

Popkins: snacks account for 26% daily cal 2008; 18% in 1977 from – 1.23 to 2.38 snacks. 
Foster about fast, cheap and easy snacking: snacks taken outside are very low in proteins (5%) and fiber (1g) but ok in sat fat

food environment :
Drewnowski  :
-Residential property values predict obesity rates in women better than education or income!
-There is an 8-fold difference in obesity rates depending on the supermarket chain you shop at.; obese people shop at Albertsons or Safeway (30+%obesity) and not at Whole Foods (4% obesity)
-Proximity to supermarkets was unrelated to obesity rates. People who don’t live in food deserts drive to them to shop!

 S.Kumanyika: Level of education is not necessarily predictive of ability to navigate food environment in low SES neighborhoods 

Joann Manson at key message: more vitamin D does not mean necessarily better
Vitamin D may help prevent some cancers and CVD risks, but research are inconsistent see IOM report

New « SuperFiber » called SAEF for Weight Management  by Gelesis. Sig. outperforms top fibers    RT

Lifestyle intervention in the real world
Yanovski : Implementing efficient intensive lifestyle intervention for weight loss cost 1500$/year; group lifestyle 213$!

Weight management
Rena Wing about weight loss maintenance: after 10 years follow-up, if maintaining high physical activity regain 4,5 kg; if decreased, weight regain 9 kg;  more physical activity and more replacement meals and more follow-up sessions mean more weight loss maintenance

Interventions studies and environment
KIm Raine: Healthy Alberta Communities for better look at http://healthyalbertacommunities.com/ 
Oreskovic: Distance to school is the strongest predictor of active transportation; 44% kids walked in 1968, 13% in 2008!!

Weight Linked to Home Address Exposed to Traffic, Pollution, Secondary Smokefrom MedPage Today 

D Clegg : Changes in adipose distribution, morphology, and physiology may be key players in increased CV risk postmenopause –  @

Media training :
Key points: Have a key message bottom line and … most important factor: body language, appearance, how you look, before what you say!!

Deabate on Food Industry:
with    @ : Food Industry: Friend or Foe. The great debate’s online!
Porcupine sex analogy: Bottom line, someone usually gets screwed or is afraid of.  debating Food Industry Partnership: it’s all about trust and benefits but risky business for … public health org
during debate on Food Industry Partnership: any big one is in favor for a « balanced » healthy diet or lifestyle
: Educating the public directly, to demand more healthful products is only way to influence food industry.

If food companies use celebrities to sell their products does that make the food, the celebrity or both the « bad » guy?

« Can health organizations really further obesity treatment and prevention by helping to sell food? »

More from food industry itself
ConAgra Foods: Frozen single serve meal is an option for portion-calorie control; but is it an Healthy Choice?
Kraft: hint of salt is more successfull than low sodium in Ritz cookies
« Kraft sells 900 million servings of Kraft food per day. When we think about reach … » Dr. Diane Finegood
« My dream would be to have all macaroni + cheese be whole grain. »!! Richard Black, PhD, VP Nutrition, Kraft Foods Global (Note: great things begin with a dream, as long as you do not dream all your life!)
see blog report from

Industry Self-Regulation for better food choice to kids
Marlene Schwartz:   : children’s cereals advertized xontain 85% more sugar, 65% less fibers 60% more sodium
Is marketing to children has decreased?: NO

Bariatric Surgery
Lap band debate RT


Duodenal jejunal liner improves DM control in 1 year trial; larger study and longer follow up post removal next steps- de Moura RT

Arena Pharm: Lorcaserin Reduced Weight and Improved Glycemic Control in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes. 

Eating sweets early in pregnancy can mean obese baby – read  USATODAY.com
Dr. S. Smith believes peripheral targets will be way of future+combos of central+peripheral targets will be 3rd gen from
Childhood Obesity
Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies – Institute of Medicine 

Physical activity

Connie Diekman  Physical activity impacts chronic disease more than it generates weight loss. 


Troiano: Sedentarity is time sitting at TV watching, screen time and driving
Hamilton: Exercising coach potato exists!!: Exercise does not prevent from acute metabolic consequence of too much inactivity
Hamilton: Sedentary behaviour (mainly sitting too much) is not the same as too little exercise
Katzmarzyk : In addition of promoting moderate to vigorous P.A. and healthy weight, physicians should discourage sitting and being sedentary for extended periods of time
Katzmarzyk about sedentary lifestyle : people sit 5h a day in average
Katzmarzyk: If no TV viewing, life expectancy at birth increase approx 1,5 year
Katzmarzyk: Dose-response association between sitting time and chronic disease risk and mortality independently of physical activity