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ARCHIVE: Obesity Research and Prevention Newsletter Review: Vol
9 no 21: 29 August 2011

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Alberta embarks on five-year anti-obesity strategy  7 Sept
Plan includes prevention, doctor training and research
into causes


Treating Obesity In People With Prediabetes Could Save
 A Sharma  12 Sept  enrolling overweight and obese pre-diabetic US adults aged 60–64 into a
proven, community-based weight loss program nationwide could save Medicare
$1.8–$2.3 billion over the following ten years.

Etiology – Determinants

Lifetime ‘Dose’ Of
Excess Weight Linked To Risk Of Diabetes, According To U-M Study
7 Sept
Not only the amount of excess weight that you carry,
but also the number of years for which you carry it, dramatically increase your
risk of diabetes

ABC questioning on David Allison’s conflicts of
interest as the reason was he insistly refutes meta-analysis studies showing
health effects of sodas
ABC  7 sept
Physician referral to Weight Watchers is more than
twice as effective as standard care
: The Lancet  8 Sept 
Comments: Yes but for whom? by A Sharma
61% of patients in the Weight Watchers group finished
the study having lost at least 5% of their body(−5•06 kg vs. −2•25 kg) weight (32% did so in the standard care group). They
were also more than three times as likely to lose 10% or more of their initial

No Cure For
Diabetes, But Lifestyle Changes Can Be The Difference
 6 Sept
diabetes risk can be reduced by 31% for men and 39% for women for each
positive lifestyle change, such as quitting smoking or regularly exercising.
People who manage to make improvements in all five risk areas may be able to
reduce their risk by about 80%

 Policy – Prevention –
To Curb Worldwide Obesity Epidemic, Government-Led Efforts Targeting
Eating Habits Of Children Needed
Healthy Eating And Physical Activity Among Preschoolers Could Be
Promoted By Child-Care Facilities
31 August
Early prevention is considered to be
the most promising strategy for reducing obesity and the many serious health
conditions. Eating and physical activity habits for a lifetime can develop at
an early age.
Paying For Pediatric Obesity Services Now Can Save
Money Later
 7 Sept  Medical News
For morbidly obese children, access to
multidisciplinary services can lead to successful outcomes. But because
clinicians lack a universal set of guidelines to follow, health insurers and
hospitals often evaluate insurance coverage for obesity services on a
case-by-case basis. 

Expert Committee Recommendations: Prevention,
Assessment, and Treatment of Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity
6 Sept  Pediatrics
Developing Criteria for Pediatric/Adolescent Bariatric
Surgery Programs
6 Sept  Pediatrics
Recommendations for Treatment of Child and Adolescent
Overweight and Obesity
 6 Sept 
Nutrition –
Low to moderate SSB
consumption impairs glucose and lipid metabolism and promotes inflammation in
healthy young men
.  6 Sept
 Physical Activity-
  Psychology – Mental
Food Fanatics: Are Sugar, Fat Addictive? | Video – ABC News  7 Sept
Brain Scans Show
Food Is Like Drugs for Some
| Video – ABC
News   7 Sept

– Consumption
Habit Makes Bad
Food Too Easy To Swallow
4 Sept
Do you always get popcorn at the movies? Or snack
while you’re on the couch watching television? A new paper by USC researchers
reveals why bad eating habits persist even when the food we’re eating doesn’t
taste good.

 Industry –
McDonald’s New Menu
Includes Calorie Information, UK
7 Sept
Fast food giants, pizza chains and coffee shops should
publish nutrition details
 5 Sept
If calorie-labelling cannot be achieved on a voluntary
basis, we want the Government to make it a legal requirement.’ Evidence from
New York suggests people have changed their eating habits thanks to the rules.
At McDonald’s, the average calorie count of a lunchtime purchase has come down
from 829 to 785, and at KFC it has dropped from 927 to 850.