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6th Annual Canadian
Obesity Network Summer Boot Camp 17 July
 Epidemiology- Evaluation                                                      
Obesity Is Baby Boomers’ Main Health Problem  19 July
Etiology – Determinants                                                      
VIDEO: Lustig argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) are rooths of obesity epidemic through insulin: 6 July
VIDEO: Adipose tissue, adiponectin, leptin and ASP 20 July
Interview with Katherine Cianflone, Adipose tissue session, at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
Variations in genes related to body fatness are more important and lead to greater weight gain under the influence of an obesity-promoting environment.
A defect of the glucose-sensing pathway contributes to the development of obesity. The correction of this defect can normalize the whole body energy balance and treat obesity
The effect of high ghrelin levels mimics fasting 28 July
When you don’t get enough sleep, ghrelin levels remain higher, rising sensibly hunger
VIDEO: Link between visceral fat, triglycerides, and CVD
Interview with André Tchernoff , Obesity Complications Session at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
Slide kit: The concept of cardiometabolic risk. Cardiometabolic Chair19 July
Sweetened Drinks Boost Heart Disease Risk – August 1
While beverages sweetened with fructose or high-fructose corn syrup accounted for at least a quarter of a person’s daily calories over two weeks, there were significant increases in triglycerides, LDL cholesterol, and apolipoprotein B (apoB) concentrations
VIDEO: The 4 A’s Etiological Framework about Food Choice Complexity 21 July
Interview with Rhonda Bell, Nutrition Session at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
after bypass surgery, patients become hungry for good food and avoid junk food not because they have to, but because they just don’t like it any more. If we can find out why this happens, we might be able to help people to eat more healthily without much effort
Treating the Cause, Not the Illness – 29 July
NY Times on determinants of health
VIDEO: Global Approach to Weight Control Management 22 July
Interview on global approaches to weight control with Angelo Tremblay on Physical activity, nutrition and behaviour session  at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
Doctors weight bias affects patient care 16 July

 Policy – Prevention – Regulations                                
Kids, Media, Obesity  11 July
Child’s media use may be linked to body weight — not only because they don’t get as much exercise if they’re watching TV and using other media, but also due to other issues related to media exposure

How Do Food Prices Affect Childhood Obesity? 6 July
The Economic Research Service of the USDA decided to rigorously study the effects of food prices on weight gain in children. Higher prices For sugary drinks decreased consumption and as a result lowered BMI (body mass index). Conversely, cheaper fruits and veggies lowered BMI. Although statistically significant, food prices had only a small effect on children’s BMI
Interview with John Spence from the department of physical education and recreation at University of Alberta in Edmonton at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
It’s no secret that Health Canada has been working on a discretionary food fortification policy for years. What’s less obvious is why the country’s food regulator can’t seem to figure out what to do.
The government of New Brunswick has pushed childhood obesity to the forefront with the Wellness Strategy Action Plan 2010-2011
The government of Nova Scotia has been working hard to develop programs and policies that target childhood obesity in the province
If policy makers did make this money available for addressing childhood obesity, it is not readily apparent on what specific interventions (population-wide or targeted) this money would actually be best spent to achieve this result
Scientists on the European Food Safety Authority’s NDA Panel have reached a major milestone in their work on health claims by publishing evaluations of the last group of ‘general function’ claims
CDC: Children’s Food Environment State Indicator Report, 2011 19 July
Childhood obesity is caused by « a lack of healthy environments, » says the U.S. government
Supporting healthy food environments is a key strategy reducing childhood obesity and improving nutrition
VIDEO: Obesity Treatment in Children: role of parents and nutrition : 19 July
Interview with JP Chanoine, Pediatric Session at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
 Nutrition – Diet                                                        
Protein in Your Diet: How Much is too Much? 19 July
According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, protein from foods like meat, fish and eggs should make up 26-percent of your daily caloric intake instead of the traditional 15-percent.
 Physical Activity- Sedentarity                                
VIDEO: Obesity Treatment in Children: role of physical activity 19 July
Interview with JP Chanoine, Pediatric Session at the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
Athletes had more slow-wave sleep and this was somehow protective and resulted in a feeling of restoration in the morning
 Psychology – Mental Health                                   
Personality traits play a role in body weight fluctuation 19 July
Greater weight gain are observed among impulsive people; those who enjoy taking risks; and those who are antagonistic – especially those who are cynical, competitive and aggressive
VIDEO: Mental Issues in the etiology and complications of obesity  23 July
Interview with Valerie Taylor, Mental Health Session at  the Obesity Boot Camp 2011
 Behaviour – Consumption                                        
Portion size and eating more often largely responsible for obesity: Study:  12 July
 Industry – Marketing                                          
Mrs. Obama’s food access initiatives: retailers say yes 22 July
Several supermarket and drug store chains—Walmart, SuperValue, and Walgreens among them—have committed to finding ways to put healthier foods into low-income areas
Junk Food Industry Determined to Target Kids and fight for it  M Simon  18 July 
Business : Campbell’s adding salt back to its soups  14 July
he government from enacting stronger regulations, puts limits on sugar, calories, sodium and saturated fat in products.