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Epidemiology- Evaluation                                                   
WHO| European Database on Nutrition, Obesity and Physical Activity (NOPA):    9 June
monitor progress on nutrition, diet, physical activity and obesity. The country information contains national and subnational surveillance data, policy documents, action to implement policy and examples of good practice in programmes and interventions.
CIHI Obesity Report: Obesity costs economy up to $7-billion a year – The Globe and Mail: 20 June
CIHI report: Women in higher income brackets are significantly less likely to be obese than lower-income  20 June
Obesity report panned by critics as misleading, simplistic  20 June
A new federal report that suggests more than one million cases of obesity in Canada could be avoided with just 15 minutes of extra activity a day
Obesity Report in English Medias: Screening the Right Message  @DrSharma:  21 June

Etiology – Determinants                                                      
Ghrelin mediates stress-induced food-reward behavior in mice  JCI July 1
Linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes… lack of sleep is much worse for women 20 June

Link between low birth weights and obesity later in life: 20 June
Altering hormone levels changes Cellular Development in the Brain
Does weight loss influence vitamin D levels? Travis Saunders 22 June
Blood vitamin D concentrations are consistently lower in persons with obesity
Why Diet and Exercise is Not a Treatment for Obesity @drsharma 20 June
Biology’s Response to Dieting: the Impetus for Weight Regain. A Sharma 20 June
Big bucks, few controls in the Wild West of weight loss – 20 June
Companies and clinics are flooding the Internet and store shelves, promising quick-fix solutions.With fewer rules than the old Wild West, overweight Canadians are throwing money into a multi-billion dollar commercial weight loss market.
In February, the Food and Drug Administration approved the Lap-Band for use in adults with a BMI of 30 or higher with at least one obesity-related condition 
Should childhood obesity programs treat the parents?  Arya Sharma 21 June
Any attempt to address childhood obesity without also addressing adult obesity is unlikely to lead to any major breakthroughs in Canada’s obesity prevention efforts. The importance of involving the parents has now been well recognized and has led to the ‘family-centred’ approach used in most pediatric obesity programs across Canada.
 Policy – Prevention – Regulations                                
War on obesity: Does policing snacks have any effect on children’s weight? National Post: 11 June
A national educational program called Weight of the World recently asked Canadian schools about their strategies for curbing the epidemic of childhood obesity.
Restaurants revamping menus in response to calorie count rules  LATimes 22 June
Restaurant chains are working to lower the calorie counts on menu items because of national rules expected by year-end that will require any restaurant chain with 20 or more locations to post calorie information.
Should government and NIH be investing in “magic pill bullets” or in lifestyle change? Steven Blair editorial  30 juin
We need to stop promising that getting healthy will be easy, and emphasize instead that it’s worthwhile.
Boston’s public high school students reported daily consumption of 1.71 servings of sugar-sweetened beverages in 2004 and 1.38 servings in 2006.
Are Tax Incentives Cost-Effective to Promote Physical Activity?  A Sharma  June 27
Little girls reveal their fears of getting ‘chubby wubby’  Globe and mail 20 June
In an ABC video clip, a group of 5- to 8-year-old girls talk about why they want to eat in a healthy way
REPORT: Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies  IOM  25 June
Parents and child care providers keep children active throughout the day and provide them with diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains, and low in energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods
 Nutrition – Diet                                                        
What the potato study says about how you can avoid creeping weight gain  24 June
Fake Fat Linked To Weight Gain  21 June
fat substitutes can interfere with the body’s ability to regulate food intake, which can lead to inefficient use of calories and weight gain

 Physical Activity- Sedentarity                                   –
TV watching associated w/ increased risk of obesity in kids, but activity attenuates this relationship 27 June
The findings suggest that clinical communications and preventive health messages on reducing and breaking up sedentary time may be beneficial for cardiovascular disease risk.

 Behaviour – Consumption                                          
Increase in number of eating occasions, more than increases in food portion sizes or energy density per meal responsible for increased energy intake?  June 28
Weight gain: What is it about potatoes? LA Times 23 June
Fast food can thus become a form of self-expression for teenagers as they struggle to assert their autonomy apart from their family’s food identit. Fast food consumption was determined by a complex interplay between social factors, individual preference, and, in particular, moral dictates.
Little girls reveal their fears of getting ‘chubby wubby’ – The Globe and Mail: 21 June
Little girls can be so cruel. And they know who’s fat and who’s thin.
Industry -Marketing                                 
Restaurants overhaul menus because of calorie count rules:  LA Times  22 June