Newsletter Review Headline on Obesity Research and Prevention
by Paul Boisvert, PhD
in collaboration with the Canadian Obesity Network  (CON)  and The Research Chair in Obesity from Université Laval
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Etiology – Determinants                                                      
Brain’s response to sugars may explain obesity Feb 10, 2011
Study discovers difference in way fructose and glucose impact brain

An epidemic of risk factors for cardiovascular disease Feb 12, 2011
Despite great progress and success in improvement of cardiovascular outcomes, the gains of recent years are likely to be overshadowed by the sheer volume of cardiovascular disease that will accrue from untreated risk factors.
Obesity alone raises risk of fatal heart attack, study finds Feb 16, 2011
Obese men face a dramatically higher risk of dying from a heart attack, regardless of whether or not they have other known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, a new study reveals.

Surveying adult weight management services in Canada   15 Feb
Canadian Pediatric Weight Management Programs  Map

FDA Approves Wider Use Of Allergan’s Lap Band For Obesity  Feb 16, 2011
The Food and Drug Administration approved broader use of Allergan Inc.’s (AGN) stomach shrinking Lap-band product, the company said Wednesday.

VIDEO: Losing 5% of your body weight can translate into significant benefits for your cardiovascular health.
The weight change group (-7% after 12 months) was a result of higher PA (+162 min/week) combined with the adoption of eating behaviors

 Policy – Prevention                                            
Is ‘Eat Real Food’ Unthinkable? – Critic on US Food Guidelines and Wall Mart Initiative 11 Feb

Many Canadians don’t believe health claims on food Feb 11, 2011
Nearly half of Canadians don’t believe health claims on food products, according to a new poll released yesterday. And most shoppers don’t want to pay extra for a product that says it’s good for you

Nutrition – Diet                                                  
The New Dietary Guidelines: Nutritionists React Feb 11, 2011
The 2010 edition of the dietary guidelines appeared on January 31. Since then, FoodNavigator-USA says it has been gathering reactions and taking a look at how the guidelines are likely to affect food and beverage companies. Reports.
App : shoppers scan a product bar code in the grocery store for an instant read on a food’s health value @Fooducate

 Physical Activity-                                                    –
How is the National Physical Activity Plan getting Americans moving? Find out in the implementation report online at
The Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines and youth ages 12-17 Feb 16, 2011
The Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology’s (CSEP) Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines for Children and Youth are the first, systematic evidence-based sedentary behaviour guidelines in the world.
Canada Releases World’s First Evidence-Based Sedentary Guidelines Feb 15, 2011
Exciting news today – this morning the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) released the world’s first evidence-based sedentary behaviour guidelines. There have been some guidelines in the past, most notably for screen time, but they were essentially based on best-guesses more than any objective evidence.
               Canadian Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines (Children and Youth) Information Sheet:

               Clinical Practice Guidelines for Sedentary Behaviour for Children and Youth:  CompleteDevelopment APNM Feb 2011:

               Canadian Sedentary Guidelines Statements Child 5 – 11 YEARS Scientific Statement .pdf :

 Behaviour – Consumption                             
Shaming the obese – with photos like these – isn’t working  Feb 04, 2011
If we are to solve the overweight problem, ‘fat jokes’ and discrimination must become unacceptable

Supersizing Supercenters? The Impact of Wal-Mart Supercenters on Body Mass Index and Obesity Feb 13, 2011
The proliferation of Walmart Supercenters explains 11% of the rise in obesity since the late 1980s, but the resulting increase in medical expenditures offsets only a small portion of consumers’ savings from shopping at Supercenters.

Industry -Marketing–                                        
Hungry? Your Stomach Really Does Have a Mind of Its Own Nestle Scientists Try To Train the Brain in the Gut To Feel Full With Less Food Jan 25, 2011 A group of Nestle SA researchers here are on an unusual mission: They hope to create new foods based on gut instinct.
Calorie Labeling Has No Effect On Teenagers’ Or Parents’ Food Purchases Feb 16, 2011
A new study led by an NYU School of Medicine investigator and published in the February 15, 2011, Advance Online Publication, International Journal of Obesity, challenges the idea that calorie labelling has an effect on the purchasing behaviour of teenagers or what parents purchase for their children.