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PREVIOUS EDITION:  Obesity Research and Prevention News Review: July 3 2011

 Epidemiology- Evaluation                                                      
High Sodium, Low Potassium Intake Tied To Higher Risk Of Death In US  12 July
Etiology – Determinants                                                      
REVIEW: Characterizing the profile of obese patients who are metabolically healthy: IJO 13 July
Diet soda may indeed be associated with weight gain, as a new study suggests, but the fault may lie in your head, not necessarily your metabolism.
Bariatric surgery and cardiovascular risk factors: a scientific statement from the AHA. April
Extreme dieting, disorders last from early teens ta adulthood –  4 July
Is Physical Activity in Weight Management More About ‘Calories In’ Than ‘Calories Out’?  A Sharma 11 July
Editorial « Eat less and exercise more”…How do we do it? By Dr. Jean-Pierre Després  5 July
 Policy – Prevention – Regulations                                
Effect of school district policy change on consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among high school students, … June 2011
Placing healthier foods for sale nearer people’s home is a useful step towards making America a healthier nation, but the impact on overall eating habits. A multi-faceted approach, including promotion, education, incentives, access to nearby sports facilities is required
The guidelines are designed to encourage foodmakers to reduce salt, added sugars and fats in foods and drinks targeted to children. If their products did not meet the standards, foodmakers following the guidelines would refrain from advertising them to children.
IOM Report: Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies :  23 June
Keep children active throughout the day and healthy diet
Childhood Obesity Prevention Summit – September 8-9, 2011
Can childhood obesity warrant child protective services?  Analysis from Yoni Freedhoff 14 July
 Nutrition – Diet                                                        
When individual consumers choose wisely 80 to 90 percent of the time, they can also include an occasional treat.: June 21
Improved Appetite Control And Satiety With Higher-Protein Diets 12 July

 Physical Activity- Sedentarity                                   –
Despite best efforts, kids are still TV junkies – The Globe and Mail:  8 July
 Behaviour – Consumption                                          
Fork Size Affects Amount Of Food Consumed In Restaurants  15 July
Larger portion sizes usually mean we eat more food, but according to new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, bigger bites lead to eating less
Industry -Marketing                                
Participating restaurants must promise to offer at least one children’s; meal that has fewer than 600 calories, no soft drinks and at least two items from the following food groups: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins or low-fat dairy.