Obesity Research and Prevention News Headlines Review: May 18, 2011
in collaboration with the Canadian Obesity Network  (CON)  and The Research Chair in Obesity from Université Laval
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Videos from the 2nd National Obesity Summit are online!
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Financial burden and emotional implications of severe obesity as important as physical issues: Survey

 Epidemiology- Evaluation                                                     
Expert Opinion: Abdominal obesity: a poorly assessed modifiable cardiovascular disease risk factor: by Paul Poirier 11 May

Etiology – Determinants                                                      
Early Nutrition has Long-Lasting Metabolic Impact : 2 May

In obese with leptin insensitivity, inhibiting PTPe help to reestablish the leptin response and induce weight loss:  4 May
Leptin reduces appetite. Paradoxically, obese cells become resistant to its effects, and more leptin is then generated to compensate. The new research shows that PTPe (protein tyrosine phosphatase epsilon) plays a role in this resistance
Contribution of leptin in the physiology of body weight reduction @DrSharma 18 May
Respective contributions of the skeletal muscle, the liver, the beta cell, and the brain to insulin resistance 18 May
Interview with C. Ronald Kahn, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA
How our body and muscles respond to increases in body mass via @nytimeswell  18 May
Does Stress Make Us Overweight?  21 April
Obesity Master Switch Gene Found  17 May
A master regulator gene which causes obesity and is linked to diabetes and cholesterol and controls the behavior of distant genes that exist inside fat cells has been identified
Expert Opinion: Muscle contraction vs. insulin in the activation of glucose transport: By Laurie Goodyear YouTube –  11 May

Link Between Obesity And Higher Risk Of Prostate Cancer Progression   16 May
Depot-specific differences and insufficient subcutaneous adipose tissue angiogenesis in human obesity.  12 May
New Research Suggests Strong Link Between Beverage Consumption and Cardiometabolic Health   18 April
Usefulness of hypertriglyceridemic waist phenotype in type2 diabetes mellitus predict presence of coronary artery disease 11 May

Expert Opinion: Dietary management of obesity: too much focus on fat?: YouTube –  11 May
By Dariush Mozaflarian, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, USA
In obese with leptin insensitivity, inhibiting PTPe help to reestablish the leptin response and induce weight loss: 4 May

Recorded debate Forks vs Feet – A Live Debate: 12 May
Dr Bob Ross and Dr Yoni Freedhoff debate the relative merits of diet and exercise in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity. (2 videos)
Behavioral counseling to promote physical activity and a healthful diet to prevent cardiovascular disease in adults  11 May
Focus on the dos not the don’ts: 4 May
Helpful advice from Harvard Business Review

 Policy – Prevention – Regulations                                

Low-fat dairy doesn’t help kids drop pounds: Study:  2 May
Obesity: Children who have family meals are ‘less likely to be overweight and binge on junk food’ :
Childhood Obesity Foundation: 5 F&V, 2h Screen time a day, 1h Phys Act 0 Sweet beverages  4 may
Early Nutrition has Long-Lasting Metabolic Impact :  3 May

 Nutrition – Diet                                                        
Consumer Reports Ranks Diet Plans; Jenny Craig Takes the Crown ahead of Unilever’s Slim-Fast and Weight Watchers: 10 May
Video — The Real Problem With Fast Food via @youtube
Diabetes UK Position Statement On Low Carbohydrate Diets: 4 may

 Physical Activity- Sedentarity                                   –
Game Consoles Can Help Inactive Adults Get Fit:

Do video games make kids eat more? | Reuters: JeanPhilippeChaput #con11 4 May
Will A Genetic Test Tell Me How Much To Exercise? 16 May
Do Genetic Variations Alter the Effects of Exercise Training on Cardiovascular Disease and Can We Identify the Candidate Variants Now or In the Future?
Gaining muscle doesn’t make your metabolism skyrocket. The myth of ripped muscles melting calories : 16 May