Obesity Research and Prevention News Headlines Review: week ending March 22, 2011

in collaboration with the Canadian Obesity Network  (CON)  and The Research Chair in Obesity from Université Laval
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European life expectancy rising despite obesity: 18 March
Simple factors like how rich a nation is and how much it spends on health care do not necessarily correlate with its people’s lifespans.

Etiology – Determinants                                                       –
Preventing Obesity Part 2: Mental Work (Slideshow and Podcast with Angelo Tremblay) Obesity Panacea 16 March

Link Between Body Mass Index And Age At Hepatocellular Carcinoma Onset  16 March
Prediabetes on the rise in the U.S. – latimes.com:  21 March

HCG weight-loss products are fraudulent, FDA says January
Study Suggests Gastric Banding Associated With Relatively Poor Long-Term Outcomes 21 March
REVIEW: an indication for GLP-1 treatment? Obesity pathophysiology and GLP-1 treatment potential – Obesity Reviews  21 March
Hoodia, a Powerful Appetite Suppressant Plant?: 21 March

Here’s to ‘a whole new way of eating’ to lose weight 15 March
Increasing exercise and decreasing weight can go a long way in preventing an advance into diabetes – latimes.com:  21 March

 Policy – Prevention                                            
Price point one way to ‘nudge’ shoppers; ‘Fat tax’ concept gaining popularity worldwide  18 March
Shed the pounds: One in three think obese should pay extra for their health care | 17 March

How children’s character Sportacus could help Government tackle obesity  March 15
Ministers want to use the BBC children’s programme Lazytown to help tackle obesity. They hope the show – which sees the athletic superhero Sportacus persuade kids to stop playing video games and be active – can promote healthy eating and exercise.

 Nutrition – Diet                                                  
Might be a good idea to evaluate your diet soda habit:  March 7
A study found an increased risk for stroke and heart attack among people who drink diet soda every day vs. those who drink no soda at all.
The Dukan Diet Reviewed  21 March The Dukan Diet was created by French physician Pierre Dukan more than 10 years ago. Essentially, it’s a four-phase, high-protein, low-calorie diet plan.
Intermittent diet is as effective than daily calorie restriction: for weight loss, but less FFM lost in intermittent 21 March

 Physical Activity-                                                    –
Psychological Effects of Exercise in Adolescents Arya Sharma 21 March
Exercise directly affects many of the psychological and emotional factors that can drive overeating and promote weight gain.
Television viewing time independently predicts all-cause and cardiovascular mortality: the EPIC Norfolk Study 21 March
Non-vigorous physical activity and all-cause mortality: systematic review and meta-analysis of cohort studies  21 March
Being physically active reduces the risk of all-cause mortality. The largest benefit was found from moving from no activity to low levels of activity, but even at high levels of activity benefits accrue from additional activity.

 Behaviour – Consumption                             
Taking control of the sugar in our food, drinks:  18 March
While sugar is no doubt a factor in the obesity epidemic, it is only one factor among many.
The average American consumes 22.5 teaspoons of added sugar daily, half of which from regular soda and fruit drinks:  17 March

In More Dense And Urban Residential Developments African-American Women Gain Less Weight: 18 March
Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine’s (BUSM) Slone Epidemiology Center have found that African-American women who live in more densely populated urban areas gain less weight than those in more sprawling auto-oriented areas.

Industry -Marketing–                            
Front labels of packaged beverages now include the total number of calories in containers of 20 ounces or less: 17 March
Food Politics » Soda companies vs. soda taxes: breathtaking creativity: Marion Nestle17 March (Freedhoff Hat)

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