Obesity Research and Prevention News Headlines Review: April 29,  2011
in collaboration with the Canadian Obesity Network  (CON)  and The Research Chair in Obesity from Université Laval
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Etiology – Determinants                                                       –
Low Vitamin D Levels Tied to Obesity in Kids 29 April

vitamin D deficient. Low levels of vitamin D were associated with higher body mass index and fat levels, and lower levels of “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol.
Diet soda doesn’t raise diabetes risk: study  15 April
ACE inhibitor drug, ramipril, is effective in lowering the risk of end-stage renal disease in obese patients: 29 April
Liposuction does not permanently remove fat neither improve health | Obesity Panacea: 25 April

Community-Wide Programs To Encourage Exercise Might Fall Short: 14 April
Conclusive results for Montreal Heart Institute’s program combining interval training and healthy eating practices : 29 April

 Policy – Prevention – Regulations                                
Canada’s #1 health crisis deserves attention during election  April 21

Labels can dissuade buyers of unhealthy food  9 April

Survey: Kids lack exercise, healthful foods 13 April

 Nutrition – Diet                                                        
Diet soda doesn’t raise diabetes risk: study
The rise of anti-inflammatory nutrients: 29 April

 Physical Activity- Sedentarity                                   –
Is Screen Time More About “Calories In” Than “Calories Out”? A. Sharma 25 April

Study: high-intensity exercise may be better than endurance training for preventing cardiovascular disease
How much exercise are overweight and obese people getting? More than many might think: 29 April
The investigators found that 29 percent had been exercising for six months, 39 percent regularly exercised and 25 percent contemplated exercising. Only 12 percent had no desire or thoughts of getting active.

 Behaviour – Consumption                                          
FOODTIPS How to curb cravings: 21 April

Industry -Marketing                                

Renaming unhealthy food products as healthy options is enough to entice health-conscious consumers into buying — and eating more — unwise food choices, new research suggests.