Obesity Research and Prevention News Headlines Review: SPECIAL EDITION:
2nd Canadian Obesity Summit in Montreal,  May 1,  2011
in collaboration with the Canadian Obesity Network  (CON)  and The Research Chair in Obesity from Université Laval
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CON Network News                                                                  .
National Obesity Summit 2011: Click here to download a PDF of the final program.
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Canadian Obesity Network: Canadian Research Takes Centre Stage at 2nd National Obesity Summit
Dr Angelo Tremblay received the Distinguished Lecturer Award at Obesity Summit 28 April @AtifKukaswadia
his recent talks here Obesity Panacea
Uni. of Ottawa CON-SNPs win the video contest!! All videos here: @AtifKukaswadia
Pictures throughout the National Obesity Summit here.  By @AtifKukaswadia
you can see some of the students, clinicians, and researchers taking part in the conference.

Etiology – Determinants                                                       –
VIDEO: CON 2011 New Investigator Award JP Chaput 2011-04-29 @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
CON New Investigator Award Jean-Philippe Chaput in Montreal April 2011 Obesity Summit
Does adult obesity take root in infancy?  Obesity Panacea

VIDEO: New Perspectives in Diabetes Treatment 29 April @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
Interview with Remi Rabasa-Lhoret day 2. He discusses new drugs that are being investigated, including those that work through GLP-1, and also those that actually increase glucose « leak » from the kidneys, which reduces blood sugar and also reduces body weight
About the metabolic surgery review symposium: How Gastric bypass surgery help treat diabetes? 1 May @PaulBoisvert

Congrès national sur l’obésité: la perte de poids à tout prix remise en question 28 avril
34% women would elect to lose weight by lipo, 26% g bypass, 14% cutting calories, 2% exercise. 1 May @DrSuePedersen
Bariatric Research Agenda For Canada @DrSharma

**VIDEO: 10 Tools for Weight Management in primary care with Dr Arya Sharma Day 1, 28 April @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
Arya Sharma explains the importance of using the 10 most recommended do’s and don’t  family doctors can do to address Obesity in Primary Care (10 min)

VIDEO: The 4M’s in the evaluation of patient counsulting for weight-obesity management in primary care by Arya Sharma 29 April @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
Lifestyle modification is core to obesity management By Peter Janiszewski, Ph.D.

 Policy – Prevention – Regulations                                
L’obésité : Un problème national discuté à Montréal| Radio-Canada.ca: 28 avril
VIDEO : on Building Trust to Address Obesity  @DianeFinegood 29 April
VIDEO:  The new Reality Coalition of Canada 30 April @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
Interview with Yoni Freedhoff about the new Reality Coalition of Canada + His Talk
Une coalition canadienne pour agir contre l’obésité @MarieAllard LaPresse
« Junk food » taxes rather than »fat » taxes because it concerns everybody, not only persons with obesity: @yonifreedhoff
Malbouffe: les avertissements plus efficaces qu’une taxe? Sean Cash de l’Université du Wisconsin: @MarieAllard
Une taxe minime sur la malbouffe ne changerait pas les comportements alimentaires, selon Sean Cash at #CON11: LaPresse

VIDEO: TROPIC (Treatment and Research of Obesity in Pediatrics in Canada ) initiative 2011-04-30 @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
Interview with Geoff Ball about TROPIC initiative
Canadian (and others around the world) Pediatric Weight Management Registry from TROPIC : @PaulBoisvert
This project is studying the health over time of children and adolescents who are enrolled in a weight management program in Canada.

 Nutrition – Diet                                                        
VIDEO The role of milk in weight control and CVD prevention 2011-04-30: @PaulBoisvert CIHR obesity research chair
Interview with Arne Astrup from Copenhagen on the importance of milk in weight control and CVD prevention, and especially because of its protein and calcium content
Comments: Is “Wine and Milk” Better than “Wine and Cheese”? Martin Sénéchal | Obesity Panacea
Musings on the muffins at the Canadian Obesity Network conference. Weighty Matters

 Physical Activity- Sedentarity – Active Transportation

Quebec and BC have good cycling policies. Other areas in Canada need work.  Megan Carter at @ PhDPopHealth
Canadian kids get 40 hours of screen time per week (Active Healthy Kids Canada Report Card)

USA talks up walk friendly communities to save on fuel costs and ease obesity! @rightproperty

Industry -Marketing                                
Building Trust in Tackling Obesity? @DrSharma @DianeFinegood
Building trust video @SarahFrood
Commercial marketing in children session speakers